Smashed Bulbs Enlightment

Smashed Bulbs Enlightment was recorded live august 2012 and has just been released by Eg0cide Productions in february 2014


Download the full album:

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  • Review (in spanish) by Oir para creer

    Par le feu (Necktar 2017 vol 6)

    Par le feu (recorded summer 2013) has been included in the 6th annual edition of Necktar 2017 compilation : VIRTUAL / Fusion / MATERIAL : REVOLUTION


    The 3 members of the band who played on “par le feu”(Charles premier, Mescalibur, Kecap Tuyul) have also solo tracks available on this compilation.

    Necktar 2017 is a project curated by Ed End, published by his label le Colibri Nécrophile, in collaboration with Earssheltering and H.A.K. Lo-fi Record